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You are two prisoners, attached at the hip, just trying to survive in a post apocalyptic landscape. This game is a two player co-op. Gamepads are highly recommended.

Start Over is a game I worked on with students in the Cal State Summer Arts program in July of 2017. When one group needed a coder at the last minute I jumped in and wrote the whole thing from scratch in 2 days. So think of it like a game jam game. I may be making periodic updates and fixes but my goal is to pass it off to the students who want to continue working on it.

Christian Corralejo: 2D characters, sounds, level design, world building and lore.
Nathaniel Reyes: 3D backgrounds, level design, and QA testing.
John Bruneau: Programming, mechanics and development.

Special thanks to some of the concept contributors along the way.
Dominique Auyeung, Erika Rumbaoa, and Andrew Ajemian

Gamepad Controls
Button 0 or 18 to jump, 2 or 16 to fire.
Keyboard Controls
Player 1: WASD, 'C' to fire, 'V'  to jump
Player 2: Arrows, '<' to fire, '>' to jump

Music from freemusicarchie.org
The Last Arp Fades At Dawn by Flashbob
Social Sentiments 8-bit mix by Kalipluche

Textures from texturelib.com, designbeep.com, texturex.com

Future additions:


start_over.app.zip 47 MB
StartOver.zip 43 MB

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