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This game does not claim to be anything other than Survival Horror.

Partisan Politics is a one-liner, a lighthearted political statement. It was born out of frustrations with our current party system and government infighting. This mini-game was developed for the Glorious Trainwrecks Pirate Kart 2 in February of 2010. The concept had been floating in my head already and it just needed an opportunity to happen. Don't make too much of it, Partisan Politics is simple.


The original score was composed by Parris Khachi aka Doomsday Machines for this game during the jam.

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The San Jose State Game Dev Club held a local jam for the Pirate Kart 2. Check out some of our other submissions to Glorious Train Wrecks.


It has been interesting looking back at this game from 10 years in the future. In an effort to preserve it in a post-flash world, I created executable builds. This required some minor code rewrites. I added a start button and I took the global high scores out for security reasons.  I don't have the same political sentiment as I did in 2010 but I am nostalgic for my naiveté.

partisan_politics_win Is a self-contained .exe
partisan_politics_mac Is a self-contained .app
partisan_politics_swf Includes a .swf and an html wrapper.


partisan_politics_win.zip 7 MB
partisan_politics_mac.zip 83 MB
partisan_politics_swf.zip 1 MB

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