Updates and Feature Requests

These are some requests and features that we are looking into and may be worked into updates in the future.

1) Better rotational tracking of wiimotes.

The data from wiimotes is very noisy and if you played this version on the game vs the one we had at MAGFest you might notice that the controller rotation tends to be a little too reactive in this version. I we are no longer using an external application to track wiimote data so I am working on ways to better process it on our end. My next step is to implement a smoothing algorithm so we get something closer to a smooth curve again.

2) Online leaderboard

Done! The top 6 scores are stored in a global database on the net.

3) Joy-con support.

Seeing as though not everyone has a wiimote around, added joy-con support would be really handy. This is something I am looking into but it will probably be a waiting game. Unity has said that they will be working native joy-con support into their new input system but there is no timeline. In the meantime, Looking Glass has a library but its pretty abandoned and broken right now. I contacted them through a friend to see if they are willing to get it running again, but it probably isn't too likely.

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